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Open Afternoons at Holly Lodge Care Home. Last Thursday of the month, 2-4pm.

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Specialist dementia care home


Multi-award-winning, private family-owned, dementia, residential and nursing care home near Farnborough in Surrey.

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Dementia Care Home – Holly Lodge

Our care home Holly Lodge, set in the idyllic woodlands of Surrey near Farnborough, offers a peaceful and luxurious care home for 60 elderly residents.

At Holly Lodge, our priority is providing exceptional care for our residents. Our care home has been purpose-built and designed with the needs of elderly people suffering from all stages of dementia in mind.

The recently modernised facilities still retain their renowned homely atmosphere, ensuring that our residents feel comfortable and at ease – just like in their own homes. Our hair salon is available for residents to pamper themselves and feel their best, while our cinema and gallery provide entertainment and inspiration.

And when it’s time to relax and socialise, the Holly Bush Pub offers a cosy setting for our residents to gather and enjoy each other’s company. 

We understand that each individual is unique and we tailor our services to meet their specific needs. Our dedicated team of carers is highly trained and passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of our residents. We believe that a care home should be a place of comfort, safety, and support. That’s why we are committed to creating a loving and nurturing community at Holly Lodge. Our goal is to help our residents maintain their independence while providing the necessary care they require.

With our Forest Care approach, we aim to create an environment that promotes physical, emotional and mental well-being for our residents.

Holly Lodge Care Home, Frimley Green, Camberley, Award-winning care homes specialising in dementia care offering luxury living, all-inclusive fees and no deposits

Care home in Farnborough

Facilities at Holly Lodge

Our facilities and highest standards of care are focused on:

  • 60 spacious single en-suite bedrooms
  • Family room
  • Sensory Gardens
  • Activities Room
  • Assisted bathrooms
  • Wheelchair-accessible showers
  • Complimentary hairdressing
  • Complementary chiropody
  • Onsite nurses 24/7

Types of care in our Surrey care home

Although Holly Lodge specialises in dementia care, our home also provides further care services such as:

  • Nursing dementia care
  • Residential dementia care


Our dedicated dementia care in Surrey offers specific and personalised support through various activities and therapies. Reminiscence therapy, dietary modifications, physical exercises, and assistance with challenging behaviour are among the services provided by our carers and nurses to our residents with dementia.

The well-being of every individual in our care home holds immense significance for our team, particularly for those experiencing severe dementia symptoms. Our specialised care team prioritises alleviating dementia symptoms whenever feasible and fostering a sense of belonging, security, and reassurance within the environment in Holly Lodge care home.

With compassionate staff that are trained in dementia care, complementary therapies, onsite nurses 24/7 and above industry average staffing ratio’s, the team at our care home Holly Lodge are committed to providing the highest standards of person-centred care to ensure every resident in this care home is happy, secure, and fulfilled in their day-to-day life. Holly Lodge care home has a strong sense of community, family and friends are welcome at any time.

Welcoming new residents!

We now have available beds at our Farnborough care home Holly Lodge.

Why not get in touch with our team and see if Holly Lodge can feel like the right home for your loved one?

Puzzles activity at Holly Lodge

Engaging and fun activities

Here at Forest Care’s Holly Lodge, our priority is to create a comforting environment that truly feels like home, while also offering a wealth of engaging and enriching activities for our residents.

Featuring two communal lounges, two outdoor patios, a family room, a cinema, a pub, a gallery, and a dedicated activities room, Holly Lodge boasts ample space tailored for a variety of hobbies.

As a member of NAPA (National Activity Providers Association), the team continuously prioritise wellbeing with joyful and meaningful activities designed to stimulate cognitive ability and evoke cherished memories. Through arts and crafts, music therapy, visiting entertainers, pampering days and Pets as Therapy, along with a variety of themed events and cultural days, we keep our dementia residents engaged.

We believe in granting our residents—and your cherished family members—the freedom to decide how they spend their time. Whether they prefer familiar pastimes, wish to explore new activities, or simply desire some personal moments, the choice is entirely theirs.

Life in our specialist dementia care home

Person centered care in our care homes

The attentive team of nurses provides care around-the-clock

All of our homes provide 24-hour nursing, residential and respite care, while Holly Lodge is our national and regional award-winning dementia care home.

We intentionally hire more staff than the industry average to enable a relaxed environment for our residents where staff can deliver person-centred care.

Holly Lodge Forest Care- Care home from the front

Activities tailored for dementia

At Holly Lodge, nestled in the heart of Farnborough, inclusivity is at the core of our approach to activities within our specialist dementia home. Recognising that residents with varying forms of dementia may encounter different physical challenges, our teams are trained to accommodate these differences.

Our utmost aim is to ensure every resident feels entirely at ease when engaging in activities of their choice. Within our care home, we ensure residents experience not just comfort but a genuine sense of ‘home’.

Forest care - care homes in Surrey

All-inclusive fees and complementary therapies

All-inclusive fees cover hairdressing, physiotherapy, chiropody, days out, and other facilities Holly Lodge has to offer, residents and their families benefit from the peace of mind that everything is covered with no hidden costs. To read further more about this package option visit our All-Inclusive Fees page.

Hear from our team, relatives and residents why you should choose Holly Lodge for your elderly loved one here.

Can Holly Lodge care home feel like a home for you?

We are now running Open Afternoons at Holly Lodge on the last Thursday of every month between 2-4pm. We want to show you the atmosphere in our home and some of the activities of our residents.

There’ll be an entertainer as well as some refreshments to make you feel comfortable.
To book a show round in advance please email enquiries@forestcare.co.uk or call 0333 305 1785.

Hear from our Relatives at Holly Lodge

Listen to what Margaret has to say about her experience with Holly Lodge:

“One thing that has always been here is the kindness of all the carers, the kindness of all the staff, it’s like it’s an honour to them to look after that person…I feel like I’m coming from my home to my home.”

We don’t just look after your loved one, but we also look after you during this big change in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a good care home?

We highly recommend you take the time to see the care home, discuss your options with the care home manager and the team and then make the decision for either yourself or your elderly loved one.

To choose a good care home you will be on the lookout for a care home that offers exquisite care, has high living standards and would feel like a second home without causing any discomfort.

The types of care offered at a care home as well as driving proximity and location convenience are most of the time the main deciders when it comes to choosing a care home.

For more help and advice on our Surrey care homes click here.

We encourage people to watch our virtual tours and book a visit to our care homes before making a decision.

Where can I place my loved one that has dementia and needs specific care?

Specific dementia care homes are the perfect choice for elderly that have different levels of dementia and their independent life is becoming difficult to manage.

Our care home Holly Lodge located in Farnborough, in the  Surrey area, is an award-winning care home that specialises in dementia care. Our staff at Holly Lodge are trained to support residents with different levels of dementia and provide secure space for them in their elderly age. This encourages the relatives to feel at peace knowing their loved ones are being looked after by people with experience and genuine passion towards caring for dementia patients.

Our activities and facilities are tailored to suit the needs of people who require that extra level of care and with our 24/7 on-site nurses, we can give dementia patients the full attention they require.

Explore Holly Lodge care home here.

What's the minimum stay at a care home for respite care?

The length of respite care in a care home can vary depending on the needs of the resident.

We offer a minimum of 4 weeks of respite care in all our Forest Care homes. Residents who come for respite care usually continue to become permanent residents with us, because they enjoy their stay so much!

Please contact us by email enquiries@forestcare.co.uk to enquire about our respite care and availability.

What types of activities do you have at Holly Lodge?

Our activities team provides a full and varied activities programme for our residents in our Farnborough care home. These activities typically take place between 10 am – 4 pm every day. The activities team use care plans and individual residents’ histories and hobbies to plan respectful activities that enhance lives, encourage socialisation and stimulate memories. This is an important part of our person-centred care.

For those who are less able to participate in group activities, we provide 1:1 activities. Residents are free to choose where and how they spend their time. This includes socialising as much (or as little) as they wish to.

See our Holly Lodge activities here and our Cedar Lodge activities here.

What is the difference between residential and nursing care?

Residential care and nursing care in a care home vary and this is usually based on the level of care that the residents require.

Residential care is ideal for individuals who need assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, meals, and general supervision. Residential care homes offer a supportive environment, providing accommodation, meals, and social activities. This type of care is usually sought by elderly who have lost their partner and live on their own or don’t have much of a social circle and would benefit from companionship.

Nursing care in a care home is focused on offering a higher level of medical support. Nursing homes such as our home Holly Lodge provide 24-hour nursing care delivered by qualified nurses. Residents in nursing care homes often have more complex medical needs requiring ongoing monitoring, medical attention, and support with specific health conditions.

Speak to our team on 03333051785 to understand which type of care is more suitable to your needs.

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