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Care Assistant

Hear what Cheyanne has to say about being a Care Assistant.

“Getting to know the residents is really fascinating. As a Care Assistant, we have to look after someone who can no longer do for themselves, so we have a massive responsibility. It’s been hard work, but it’s also been really fun. I’ve enjoyed it a lot.”

National Care Awards

Recognising and supporting our talented staff, we will nominate hard workers for regional and national care awards. We’re proud to say that each of our care homes are award-winning.

Fund Raising

We support our staff in their personal endeavours to fund raise for charity. Whether it’s sky-diving, running a marathon or baking cakes… our homes will offer their support.

Family Friendly Company

Every year our care homes host a Summer and Winter fayre, these are a great chance to bring your families to work and have a fun day together.

Refer a Friend Scheme

Know someone who’d like to work in the care sector? You could earn an additional £200 if you refer a friend to work at any of our care homes.


Bhanu shares a bit about how he feels working in the care sector and what it’s like to care for residents by doing what he’s passionate about, “I love listening to the residents and what they want, then incorporating that back into the menu”.

Activities Coordinator

Wendy has worked in the care sector for over 27 years, who better to give a little insight into what it’s like to run activities at a care home. “Our Manager does a great job at making people feel welcome here… everyone has a smile on their face, the home is very warm and welcoming”


Jan, from Oak Lodge, describes what it’s like to work in the Housekeeping team in a care home “we don’t just stay in the laundry, we deliver the clothes back and stop to chat with the clients. It’s a really pleasant atmosphere and a lovely place to work”.

Care Home Manager

Hear from Rico, Care Home Manager at Holly Lodge, about the support you receive from a Forest Care Home. “We’re like one big family. You can see that everyone who works for Forest Care really cares”.

Care Assistant, Oak Lodge

I enjoy the rewarding feeling of making someone’s day easier by giving them support, whether it be personal or emotional care. Thorough the training I’ve received, I am confident in giving each resident the support they need.

Housekeeping, Rowan Lodge

Mostly, I enjoy caring for and interacting with the residents. I am a people person therefore I really like working with the team and getting involved in events the home hosts.

Senior Carer, Cedar Lodge

I consider this to be my 2nd home. Everyone is very friendly and works happily together. I feel very supported in my professional development. I’ve just completed my training in medicine administration, which is allowing me to utilise my medical skills and knowledge.

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